About Me

Hi! I’m E.L. Byrne. This is a story about change and choices! Thanks for stopping by.

For many years, my life moved the way I always thought it was supposed to, albeit very slowly. I thought I had to get married and have babies and “settle down.” So when I was 40 (FINALLY!) I got married and threw myself wholeheartedly into being a mid-west housewife and trying to get pregnant.

Well, something doesn’t work right inside, even though the Drs tell me I SHOULD be able to have babies, so the baby thing never worked out, and honestly, being a mid-west housewife was too easy and not interesting enough for me long-term. My wonderful best friend husband turned alcoholic abuser didn’t make that a dream situation either. I needed a change.

Adventures Behind Me, Adventures Before Me

So in 2015 I divorced and moved from the US to Costa Rica. There I had my “eat, pray, love” cycle and had a chance to begin the process of healing from my marriage. In 2016, I embarked on an incredible adventure. I traveled around the world until  I found the place I love most in the world and moved to Berlin!

Now, I am a changed woman! A polyamorous, sexually liberated expat who loves life and lives it completely on my own terms. My life is pretty great!

The Evolution of a Polycule- March 2019

I am writing a memoir about growing up in a very conservative religious family and how I ended up here. In the meantime, I write about relationships, polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, sexual freedom, travel and anything else that catches my fancy. I also write erotica on my sister-site www.lustitude.com.

You can check out some of my previous writings on Medium.

Look forward to getting to know you all!

E.L. Byrne